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Using technology and commercial acumen to preserve the world's largest wilderness

The Southern Ocean's remoteness is a double edge sword - its isolation curtails human impact but also makes any environmental damage notoriously difficult to observe or enforce. The Visible Seas Antarctica special initiative is exploring new commercial, legal and technological strategies to strengthen the environmental health of the Southern Ocean.


Outside of the box thinking

Visible Sea's members come from non-marine related professions and industries. With us we bring totally different skillsets and problem solving approaches to ocean conservation problems.

Is intellectual property like minimum viable product, legal strategy, lean canvas, scalability principles, machine learning, operational efficiency, financial analysis only useful to commercial pursuits?

We foster an ecosystem adequate for cross-pollination of commercial ideas into science and ocean conservation. 

How we help protect the Southern Ocean

Tech innovation

Our members come from some of the world's leading technology companies and develop cutting edge tools to help manage human impact on the marine environment.

Commercial assistance

We provide commercial assistance to frontline conservation organisations that are typically too under-resourced to tackle many helpful commercial activities.


Legal research

Antarctica's seas are governed by the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). We use our legal skills to find ways to strengthen environmental protection within the Convention apparatus.

Spreading the word

We run social media campaigns to raise awareness about Antarctica's fragile marine ecosystem and why it's necessary to protect.

Our 2020 effort

Working with frontline organisations

We are currently in the process of establishing working relationships with organisations actively involved in Southern Ocean conservation.


Sound like you?

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