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Be a leading organisation

Don't just donate, receive and/or leave it up to other organisations to lead - at Visible Seas we partner with innovatively minded organisations who identify with their employees and want to support new ways of tackling global conservation challenges.

The ocean is too large and global for any one organisation to turn a blind eye and we offer organisations relevant ways to contribute.


Empower employees

Typically in many companies CSR and Shared Value is driven top-down. At Visible Seas we see it the other way around. At Visible Seas, caring professionals come together, collaborate, share expertise and take environmental impact into their own hands.

We enable non-marine-oriented organisations to make a difference

Our initiatives are designed by volunteer working professionals. Our innovative initiatives and partnerships enable everyday employees such as: programmers, lawyers, commercial experts or many other type of professional to utilise their professional skills to make a high skilled difference. See more about our initiatives here.

Benefit of partnership with us

Empower employees

Empower your employees and support their hand-ons ocean conservation work


Support community grassroots innovation

Support a community of local ocean innovators

Bring creativity and satisfaction into your business

Employees cultivate creativity and gain satisfaction that flows back into your business


Sound like your organisation?

Are you a company seeking to support employee-lead conservation?

Or are you a ocean conservation not-for-profit interested in working with our volunteers?

Please get in touch via the form below.

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